Wanderlust (single)

Wanderlust is our first studio recording. The tracks were laid out at Soundhouse studios in Seattle and recorded and mixed by Jack Endino and mastered by Chris Hanzsek. Straight to the point, the Wanderlust single includes the song that made Sojourn Soul, Wanderlust, as well as a single cover, “Still Lays the Crow,” originally written by Amelia Curran. It’s short but holistic representation of our sound with a whole range of interesting dynamics, dancing melodies and raw emotion packed into two songs.


They Screamed your name (live)

This is a song I wrote while performing as a solo act. I was heavy into the southern gothic scene both in what I was reading and listening to when I wrote this, and that comes across clearly in the lyrics. When the one-man-band gothic punk acoustic-rock revival project started giving way to the more harmony driven Sojourn Soul project I decided to update the song, giving it a bit more atmosphere.